Wednesday, July 28, 2010

.middle person.

.if i'm ever put in a situation where i'm in between two friends, i cringe. i HATE being the middle person. it is not a position that i play well. some people like to ride the fence and that's cool because sometimes i do the same, but generally i can't do it. i ALMOST ALWAYS disappoint someone and i hate the whole disappointing/disappointment thing.

`somehow i've been warped into this disgusting triangle of lies and deception that i definitely shouldn't be apart of but everyone but the guy seems to involve me. i just can't do this anymore. i try to keep quiet but someone gets upset. i tell someone what i think and they get upset. it's annoying. but it's something that i can't escape.

have you ever been stuck in the middle? if so, how did you get out?

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