Wednesday, July 28, 2010

.that's why i never follow ya'll suggestions.

..i just always did my own thing.

taking your own advice and following you gut is the best thing you can do for yourself. that's just a reminder. i ask people for advice or suggestions and though sometimes i'll lean more towards their suggestions, i usually follow my gut. that's the best thing to do [especially when it comes to relationships]

-this summer has been full of surprises. it's so true when they say don't go looking for something because when you're NOT looking, that's when things really show themselves. and i've been seeing a lot lately. i have a secret to tell but i'll reveal it after this weekend. :) i can't believe it happened though. it's something that i've been ready for but now that it's here, i hope that everything works out.

`i've decided that i don't want/have a best friend. how can i simply give someone that title? the BEST friend. that's a huge title to live up to. being better than the rest of my friends. i have close friends. maybe like 3. and i'm content with that.

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