Tuesday, August 10, 2010

.ain't too proud to beg.

ahhh yet another eventful weekend. summer 2010 has really been great. so great that it's scaring me. i'm so frightened by it's amazingness lol. everything has been so wonderful. things have been really looking up and it's crazy because i really went over some bumps in the road in the beginning of the year and it's like finallllyyyy things are just peachy the way it's supposed to be. i'm not hoping and wishing for anything, i'm just enjoying it. pleaseeee summer don't end.

`in about 2 weeks it stars to get real. people will leave for school. i'll leave for school. and then it's back to this hampton live. i'm soo nervous about this upcoming school year. getting letters in the mail for class rings and caps and gowns. am i really a senior? a graduating senior? oohhh lorrddd! lol i'm so nervous.

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