Tuesday, August 10, 2010

.tell me something good.

`this past Friday, i went to a Rave! it was sooo exciting. as you can see in the above pics, the crowd was hype, the place was ...well you see the pics lol. i even wrote my name on the wall. my friend is really into this kind of scene and i have a HUGE open mind about things so i went and gave it a try. the outside door looks like a normal door that led to a bar or something. the place was in Montclair, NJ and it was right next door to a restaurant where people were eating outside. when you go inside, you walk down this hallway and this long flight of stairs that is completely covered in graffiti and paint and then there were two big rooms. they had old backseats of cars as the place to sit. there were people there from all ages and different backgrounds. they were all dressed in their funky 90s hip hop way of dressing and they started jumping around and crowd surfing. it was really cool to see and experience it. i'd definitely go back. i tried to get in the jumping all around but it was too sweaty and TOO REAL for me lol. maybe next time. :)

.i think everyone with an open mind should try it. it never hurts to try something new.

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