Sunday, August 22, 2010

.cause if i had my way, yesterday would be right now.

summer 2010.

`this summer and year thus far has been filled with extreme lows as well as ULTIMATE highs. everything that i've experienced has been out on a limb. i've just been doing things out of the norm and just been taking chances and experiencing new things. and i'm very, very pleased with the way things have been going. but there is still fall and winter. and i'm terrified yet excited at the same time.

"you see Jesus would have told me something if i would've called on him"

i just now heard the answer to my fears. i have to turn this fear to God. i can't be scared about what's to come because i know that God has my back. everything that i've experienced this year all the good and the bad has really shaped a beautiful thing. i'll get into more details about this when the year is over. i'm taking really big leaps of faith and all i can do is remember that God has everything under control. uncertainty really FREAKS ME OUT. maybe it's the fact that i'm so close to graduating. i have high hopes for my future. i really want to become something great. i don't see why not. i don't understand NOT pushing yourself to follow your dreams. i want the family, the house, the career. i see it happen for so many people and it's a reality. and it has to be mine. but i'm scared. i've been soo nervous about everything and everybody.

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