Sunday, August 15, 2010

.live fast, die young.

.don't get me wrong. the production of that song IS hot! but live fast, die young? no way. that's not what i want my life to be like. i don't want to rush things and i definitely intend on living a long life. i mean i get so excited thinking about the many great things that are to come. such happiness awaits us and of course sadness but it's life. good vs. evil.

i have a good hunch about something. and i'm going to just remain positive about it and not let anyone interfere with my decisions. it's just me. all i have is the future and why not make memories? being too afraid to take chances and go with what you really want to do (if it's a smart decision, nothing too outrageous of course like decide to be a prostitute because that's what you want to do lol)

.toast to life.

`p.s. my internship ended on Thursday and they hired me to do a shoot in two weeks! :D that's soo good. it's great money for the one day of work and it's my first check from MTV. i'm happy that i made an impression on my supervisors because at times when there was nothing to do i felt like they definitely noticed my slacking around the office laughing at the funny, stupid videos i'd find online. i just hope for success.

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