Tuesday, August 3, 2010

.everything's not lost.

"nothing lasts forever"

.i don't believe that. yea of course things have to come to an end. everything has life and death but with some things you fight for and they last. i think a lot of people in our generation hear that and then get confused. they automatically think and feel that since "nothing lasts forever" -a perception that was birthed by our parents failing marriages and relationships, that we are in that same boat. that things won't last forever.

`maybe i'm just a hopeless for love. but i believe that if what i felt was real and genuine, that it will indeed last. that there will be a flame inside me burning forever. i just think that it's ridiculous how people are afraid of things. what do you have to lose? why live your life wondering what if or thinking "i should have".

-i hate the feeling of being forced. i hate that i'm forced to let go, and get over things. whyyyyyyyy!???? i just don't get it. don't think so much into the future, lets live for today. personally when i'm forced to do something, it makes it harder for me to get that done. like if i'm forced to let someone go, i'm going to do the opposite and think about them all the time. why do i even have to do that? why do we force ourselves to do things that don't make us happy? when we begin to over analyze situations that's where the problems come. and here i am typing this to you, telling you, but yet i'm a victim of the very words i type. i force myself into believing that this isn't the way things should be or that i have to do what's "right" but it's not what's making me happy because i always end up going back to that. i tell myself time and time again, i have to end that habit. yet i'll go without it for a while, but i go right back to it.

"don't think just do.


it'sok2bu*nique* said...

i think we are forced to let go so that God can give us what should be held on to cant have something forever without letting go of the pther...

it'sok2bu*nique* said...

btw love your layout!