Monday, August 2, 2010

.cat had my tongue.

.normally i really don't care much about hurting people's feelings because one day they will get over it but i have a friend who i just really care a lot about when i shouldn't. i always bite my tongue and i can't do that anymore. i honestly believe the main reason why i feel this way is because saying goodbye or endings are something that i have a problem with. i don't like cutting the ties, closing the door, turning the page. which is so crazy because i love new things, new people, and new adventures but when i KNOW it's the end, it freaks me out. but i can't be quiet about it anymore.

-this is my space, so i can be vulnerable for this one entry.

i hateeee how this one guy always used to tell me about how he thought other girls were pretty. it bothered me because it got annoying. i was not threatened by those other girls because if you're cute, then you're cute. there's nothing i can say or do to change that lol but why did he feel the need to express that to ME just urked me. and i'm not the kind of girl that needs compliments or picture comments but sometimes a compliment or a picture comment would have been nice. especially when i see that you had no hesitations loving and complimenting all these other people's pictures. i know how some dudes don't like females that nag or show "insecurities" but i'm not insecure. i know what i have and my potential, but dude had to do better. at times he wasn't considerate and he didn't realize that its those little things. let me know that you like this picture of me once in a while. it's not about being all crazy with the compliments, but i like to feel special and blush once in a while. i'm not an attention crazy girl but come on. -_-

-i should have told him how i felt about the situation. but i knew how little he thought of his actions so i kept quiet. that rubs me the wrong way every now and then.

"another man's trash is another man's treasure."

.baby steps.

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