Monday, August 2, 2010


i've been making a lot of choices and decisions were i've been stepping out of my normal ways of going about things and i'm scared. i'm am so afraid of getting hurt now more than ever. all i can do is take things one day at a time but i'm just so torn. i want to make the best choices that will ultimately make me happy. i know that during this process that i will hurt other people's feelings and even though they may deserve it, i just don't want to be that person. it hurts me to hurt them.

i should be so happy. but i'm kind of sad. but i don't want to be sad and it be all apart of something that wasn't real and genuine.

stepping out of my comfort zone is really freaking me out. i don't understand why parts of me refuse to leave this place of comfort. i know so much better but something is preventing me and it is killing me. it kills me to stay and it kills me to go. but i have to do it. burst the bubble of comfort. it's the uneasiness that pushes and pulls you through. all i can do is pray and turn to God. i know that He has my back and my steps are ordered.

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