Wednesday, August 11, 2010

.i hate how much i love you.

.i'm currently sitting in an office, listening to Mariah Carey's pandora station and "Hate that I love You" was just playing. It's my second to last day at my MTV internship. i had a great experience here and they even recommended me to be hired here at the company post-graduation. all i can do is pray about it and have faith that God will direct me in the right paths.

`random but why do people act so weird in offices? it's just a weird abnormal place. you never know who speaks first. the person walking towards you or the person sitting. you hear people's conversations, sneezes, burps, and laughter. you walk past people in the hallways but no, no you can NEVER speak first, or smile, or even look them in the eye. you must look straight ahead and never ever ever look back at the person looking at you. yes, yes i see you all the time, everyday. i walk past you to the bathroom, i do the silly dance in the hallway when i walk too close on the opposite side of the hallway and we get on the same track. but you must never speak to me. ever. we probably have EVERYTHING IN COMMON but we will never know until i see you outside of the office, and i can't wait to say a warm HEYYY GIIRLLL! offices remind me of classrooms. open your mouths and speak freaks!

-the office life sucks.

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