Wednesday, August 11, 2010

.this just can't be summerlove.

Sexin without affection is necessary for summers
Wale Florin

.can't we dear love have hope for more than 4 months of summer bliss?

`for college students who date people who don't attend the same school in the fall, winter and spring, summer loves and lusts is a guarantee. people have this thought that it's acceptable to talk more, date more, like more, love more, and lust more during the summer. and yea i get it. we aren't as busy and preoccupied with the motions of being a college student. there is more time to yourself. a clear and open mind. it's hot outside so people are willing to take those trips to see eachother and then it's this time of year. time to go back to school and those summer flames begin to lose their glow.

-of course i don't expect that have that much dedicated time during the course of the school year. but i don't want to be ignored and down played because i'm not around. there are so many ways to connect with someone WITHOUT being physical. is it that hard and out of the way to maintain some kind of relationship at school? no not boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but just enough to not make the other person feel neglected until it's time for another break? it's like the person is on hold until we come home again. just make sure that people are remembered. no one wants to feel like a convenience.

`what i'm really anxious to see and experience, is next summer. when i've graduated and i'll be back home in New Jersey. when there won't be a "long distance" excuse that i've given people time and time again. i've never had a summer fling with someone and then be around them throughout the remainder of the year. will i be thine? will you be theirs? what will you be? what happens next?


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