Wednesday, August 25, 2010

.negative nancy go THAT way.

.i really loathe when people bring their negative vibes over my way.

`i've learned this year that i really have to trust and stick to myself a lot more than i've normally done. this is my fault completely and i'm working on fixing it. one thing that really grinds my gears is negative reactions from people. i can't completely fault them because i only have expressed bad things that .... let me just say this.

there are certain people that i turn to whenever i'm hurt by others and i feel that they have a dampened opinion of that person now because i've only stressed times when i was upset. i hate that now whenever i want to talk about good moments with someone, they always give me an attitude or a face about MY DECISION TOWARDS MY LIFE. i hang around the people that i "shouldn't" for this long for a reason. i can't help that with some people and circumstances, things just always find it's way back to eachother. i'm not thinking about it as much as i did and maybe that's why i was hurt. i would internalize things and maybe that's why the person continued to bother me because i never let it out. doesn't matter what happened and why my reasons i just don't need the negative vibes all the time. know that people change and people forget. let me live my life as i am right now. who knows what things are coming.

it's MY life. don't YOU forget.

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