Saturday, August 28, 2010


.this past week i found out that two of my friends have attempted suicide. one of them decided to drive into a tree head on while she was pregnant and the other took 20 sleeping pills.

i can't sit here and judge them and ask them why they decided to go the route that they chose. there are issues that people face that may seem minimal to others but to them it's too much to handle. i have no idea why they thought that taking their life was the way to fix the situation but i'm glad that they didn't succeed in their attempts. we take so many things and situations for granted and it's time that we open our eyes and see the many blessings that are surrounding us. one of the issues that my friend was having was the fact that she felt that her friends were constantly judging her for making decisions that they wouldn't do. she continues to date this guy who had hurt her emotionally in the past and her friends really talked bad about it which ultimately made her sneak around and bottle up her feelings towards taking the pills.

`the other day i was feeling down. mainly because i'm anxious about life post-graduation and that includes where i'll live when i come home, when or if i'll get a job in my career and just evaluating people in my life. and then i watched a documentary on homelessness in America and i snapped out of it. here i am stressing and feeling down about things that i have no control over and shouldn't even really be worrying too much about when there are little kids who are sleeping in parks, unable to even go to elementary school. and i realized that you can't focus too much on things that you have no control over. worry about what happens daily. i know it's hard to think that way especially for me because i'm always adding new additions to my dream of life that i want to have, but it's true. just focus on your blessings and the good things of life to get you through. also talk to someone. blog. write. there's so many ways to let out your emotions and look at the bright side of life.

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