Saturday, September 18, 2010


.do you ever fear that you call or text or however you contact someone, but too much?

i think that i hit certain people up too much and i don't want to do that. but it's just that if i hit you up, i enjoy talking to you and since i'm away at school, where i rarely go out and even associate myself with my schoolmates, i'd rather speak to you. one of my biggest fears, well not so much fear -i can't quite think of the word, but it's talking too much. i don't want to say too much and because of that i will end up not saying anything at all. i don't want to get back into that because i worked hard getting out of it. i just don't want to seem annoying and overwhelming. i don't want to be draining.

a friend of mine once told me "relationships are draining"

i don't ever want anyone to feel that way about me. so i try to give people their space, but as your friend, then talking to me shouldn't really be draining. you should want to talk to me. i'm sure everything done with moderation, but hmmm i'm not sure. with some people i just don't want to over do it.

maybe i'm thinking way too much about it. but i can't help that i enjoy talking to you and would like to talk to you more. i just miss you and your company.

[thank GOD this is my last year in VA]

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