Saturday, September 18, 2010

.ain't it funny.

.so i'm at work, thus the reason why i'm blogging. i get most of my thoughts and free time to write at work- and i'm thinking about Virginia. when i sit back and think about history and the way of living that used to be, it seems like a distant story. as if it didn't really happen. i'm sitting behind a front desk while the person in the kitchen is a man. i'm so thankful for the time period that i'm in. now role replacement is accepted. and i'm actually able to go to school, drive a car, and do the things that i want as a young woman.

i don't usually like to talk about the slave days and think about the segregation and civil rights and racism days because going to an HBCU in a once heavy slave state and even city, is pushed on me just because i attend Hampton University. i understand that is about of history and the brutal and harsh treatment INDEED happen but it's time to think ahead and not be bound by the past. [these southern states have always been slow towards progression] however, i've been selected amongst my classmates, to work on a documentary about the city of Hampton and it's history. as i move along this experience, i'll let you know what i learn.

also! if you're interested in a good read, read the novel "The Help". it does take place in segregated times, but i promise it's not the typical "eyes wasa slave and dis here was ma massa". it had an all around great story. it was well written and constructed.

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