Saturday, September 18, 2010

.he got a big ego.

"Stroke a man's dick and you got him for one night, stroke a man's ego and you got him for life"

I see absolutely no reason why women shouldn't stroke their man's ego. I love complimenting people and if you're the guy that I'm currently seeing that of course I'm going to completely have faith in you and know what your talents are and how bomb you are in accomplishing them. Why not let him know that he's doing a great job and that he's sexy and no one else does it quite like him. Men should always feel like a man at all times and women nag at them too much. Men are stereotyped and have so less of them expected. They constantly hear negatives hardly any positives. Tell him something good!

.BUT! Men have to do the same for us ladies. Tell her I'm beautiful by surprise. Shoot her a compliment every now and then. Let her know and SHOW her that she's special to you. So often I've heard "but you already know that I think you're beautiful." You're right, you've told me once? lol come on fellas. You have got to do better. Butter me up sometimes. It let's us know that we still got it and you still feel good knowing that we are yours.
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