Sunday, September 19, 2010

.you looking too good.

.it may just be me but i don't really lust after guys like men lust after women. i'm talking about people lusting over celebrities. just a basic observation, i've noticed that i normally hear a lot more men talking about their attractions to different celebrity women. i do have some female friends who admire some male celebs but not quite like the men do. personally, i'm thinking more of the guy that i'm interested in REAL LIFE rather than a celebrity. when i sit back and think about which celebrity that makes me all "ooohh mmmmmmm" and lick my lips it would probably have to be idris elba. he's pretty hot. i think i admire him because he's older. there is something about older guys. not like grandpa or even father, just older. it seems more manly as if tehy are more like a protector, and stronger. i like that they can introduce me to new things. i like that in any man. someone who shows me new things. i love to learn. yea i'm just now realizing i like professor or officer type men. that's a desire of mine. a distant one, but a desire nevertheless.

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