Tuesday, September 28, 2010

.so embarrassing.

so there's this guy that i've been crushing on from a distance for some time now. we (my roommate and i) see him randomly in our apartment complex, and i tell my roommate that that's the guy that i think is cute. she turns the car around and starts driving slowly past his house beeping the horn hoping he'd come out so she can tell him that i think he's a cutie. i open the car doors, attempting to run out to avoid this embarrassment but she turns the car around. we get to the house and she's like tell me his name and i'm like ok when we come inside. so i tell her his name and he randomly comes outside so she runs out of the house with Bentley to tell him that i think he's cute. so i'm in the house freakkinngg out! like ohh man this is soo embarrassing! i'm old enough to tell a guy i think he's a cutie! i don't need help! so i look out the window and i see that THEY ARE WALKING TO THE HOUSE! i don't know where to go or what to do! i run in the bathroom and turn on the shower to act as if i was getting in there and then i turn it off because that's not a smart idea. i then lock the door lol but that was dumb too. so i'm doing all this running around, anxiously waiting to hear their footsteps and then i do. i'm sooo pissed at my roommate because this is awkward. she tells him i think he's cute, he goes ok well let me go say hi lol. he comes in our MESSED UP house and introduces himself and then we go to his crib and take shots. ?? lol it was soooo random and awkward . i'm soo embarrassed. but oh well. let see how this goes.


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