Monday, October 4, 2010

.are you serious?.

.let me tell you guys and gals about a guy that i ran across. -_-.

this is what happened via text

me: what are you doing?
-40 minutes later-
him: nothing just at a friends house, what are you doing?
him: so you're chillin with me tonight?
me:nahh i have to work early in the morning i'm getting ready to go to bed actually
him:you should come over and sleep with me.
me: um i'm not a square or anything but that's unladylike. i don't even know you and you're talking about sleepovers? that's way too soon.
him: it's just a sleep over. rather it be with you than another.

and i stopped responding after that.
`so i just met this guy like 4 days prior to this and i've probably texted him twice and he's asking me to sleep over his house. why am i that comfortable to this guy that i'd ever say yes? why is he so comfortable with this that he'd actually ask me this? this just goes to show that some FOOL actually let him get away with asking things like this and really went to his house at 1am to "sleepover". i'm a total stranger to this guy as he is to me. why would i do that? smh. i actually try despite what people may think. i try to give guys chances and i come into things without high expectations and everything but somehow the guys that i encounter just want to have sex. yeah i've heard the "i'm young and in college. i want to explore my options" but are you serious?

.it would be nice to come across a Hampton man that was genuinely interested in liking and getting to know me rather than my vagina.

*scratches yet ANOTHER name off of the list.*

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