Monday, October 4, 2010

.what a girl wants.

.so i'm reading "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Greene and i've come across a lot of thought provoking common sense things that i rarely think of. i'm not finished yet so i'm not going to give my total critique of the book nor will i give my favorite lines just yet but i read something today that really made me think.

it was something along the lines of women not knowing what we really want and how men don't really understand us. women let it be known what they expect from their man counterpart and we often express our wants but we hardly ever reach out to the man and ask of them what it is that they want and expect from us. and it made me think. wow. i've NEVER asked a guy that. i mean i've asked what are your intentions with me, but i never took the time out to see what it is that he wanted from me. i never asked or inquired about what he truly wanted. that makes me feel so selfish. why did i never find out what he wanted and what made him happy? i guess maybe i never vocalized on it because he never did. women express loudly and sometimes ANNOYINGLY exactly what we want so i guess since he isn't the type to verbally express much of anything, i never thought. hmmm i'm not sure. but i do feel bad about it. i need to do better. this time around i will.

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