Monday, October 18, 2010


.one thing about me that i haven't quite figured out if it's good or bad yet, is the fact that i believe people when they tell me things. i don't come into things with a negative perception or attitude. i feel like you have no reason to lie to me and that what you are telling me is genuine. why wouldn't they be? why would your intentions to be to simply use me with no regards to my feelings. (i know that people use people all the time. who wants to be USELESS? it's consideration and the lack of, which makes it an issue.) that's a huge fear of mine. i'm so afraid of being hurt again. it's like i can't help but to go into things without focusing on playing the game and having all these walls up. i'm learning to keep the walls up but that's not me. i don't know. it's really scary right now.

i'm terrified of getting hurt.

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