Thursday, October 21, 2010

.out my mind, just in time.

.sometimes i'm a prisoner of my mind. that's not necessarily the best thing. i think it's just a Hampton feeling. when i'm home in Jersey i'm good. but i come here and i'm engulfed in thoughts and feelings. wait. i'm forced to grow up. to deal with things, and to see things clearly. it's pretty bittersweet. this year has been good though. i've had a productive summer and i ALMOST slipped up into my old ways of going in a huge circle. it's all a process. i read this quote that said something along the lines of "change for no one. never progess" some CRAP like that. but it fit the situation that i saw it coming from.

.why is it that when things become too much maintenance, we back out? i've had several friendships that i had to think "was worth it" because the maintenance became too much. but it wasn't dual maintenance. it was just one person.

"bag lady, you goin hurt your back"
`chilllll i threw it all away. bags EMPTY.


sometimes you just have to let things go. it's unhealthy but yet it's all good. breathe again. it will all work out.

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