Tuesday, October 26, 2010

.in a perfect world.

.there wouldn't be infidelity in marriages?

have we really brought it there? that now in order to have faith that you will have a marriage without your spouse stepping out on you is just a fantasy? it's that's rare?ck

a friend said that and it really stuck out to me. i even read on twitter that cheating is a part of life and they don't see the problem with it.

what happened to people's morals and values? when did cheating become ok? our grandparents stuck together and rarely had issues like that. there are some couples who never stepped out on their marriage and there are some who did. i'm not saying that i'm shocked that people cheat. i do understand and know the cheating and divorce facts. i'm just disturbed that now that it's become so prevalent and accepted. it kind of gives people the incentive to actually go out there and cheat.

60% of american couples.

`i'm trying to make it in that 40%. the american dream window is closing. i'm just trying to make it. i don't want to be naive but i can't just accept and allow cheating to be so open and common that the issue is now a blur.

help us God.

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