Monday, October 25, 2010

.let's just be.

.so last night i was talking to Tony and we had a discussion about one of his friends that is having a tough time with his ex-girl friend. they are no longer in a relationship yet they are going through the motions of the relationship which is causing her to catch feelings and nag.

.here's the thing : she said that she wanted to just be friends. yet he picks her up from work and constantly invites her over to spend the night and they have sex.

`guys no matter what the situation is with the female, no matter what her body is saying or what you've gotten yourselves into, JUST BE FRIENDS. don't lead her on. all that women want at the end of the day is affection. to be treated as if we are special to you. we can be content with the feeling of exclusivity sadly without that even being confirmed. just be friends guys. please. and ladies, i know it's easier said that done, TRUST ME I KNOW, but stick to your guns, or stop complaining.

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