Tuesday, November 30, 2010


on November 27, 2010 i turned 21!!! wooohooo! the big 2-1 and honestly, i feel no different lol. turning 20 was more of a milestone for me. i'm still excited for this next year. i can't wait to have better experiences and meet more people. it does feel good to not have to worry about my fake id, or having to party at the 18 and up places -even though i wasn't really about that life anyway lol. i didn't have any cake on that day though which was a first, and i didn't get my birthday kiss but that's ok. i had a great time with my friends. it went by so fast and my phone got stolen at the club i was at. i went out to this club called Rebel in NYC and it was cool. it had 3 floors and good music. someone bought me a drink and i got in for free! and despite my phone mishaps, i still enjoyed myself. this was the best birthday i've had in a long time.


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