Wednesday, November 24, 2010

.way down deep.

.something isn't sitting right in my stomach. my instincts are SCREAMING something and I'm not going to ignore it.

.i digress.

so honesty is the best policy eh? it's one thing to be honest with someone else. but when was the last time that you were honest with yourself? 2010 has really been a life changing year for me. i've worked hard towards a lot and the year isn't over and i'm far from done. there are things that i intend on accomplishing and finally changing and i will get it done. i think that a lot of issues that we have with others, start within ourselves. there are times when i need to check myself and be honest with myself. i make a lot of stupid decisions and i get upset. i just have to stop. that's it. cut it out. be honest with myself. and stop.

i know i'm blabbing but whatever. something isn't sitting right in my topic and these are the thoughts that are flying around in my head.

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