Saturday, November 6, 2010

.man i always find something wrong.

.so i told this guy who is a consistent, a--hole, that he was an a--hole and he replied tell me something that i don't know. (or something like that) and it really left a bad taste. it's one thing to be a natural grump, but to the people that deliberately act like jerks, it's just sad. it takes more from me to be a jerk and put out negative energy than to just be a happy person. why would one want to be a jerk/douchebag/dickhead on purpose? all that does is set you back. and i thought well maybe i'm just too nice and that was a lowkey reality check to mean up, but that's not true. people who are a--holes, have personal issues. and i had to come to face with that. some people really have issues that they need to work out. and i try to look past that and see the better of the situation (you know tunnel vision) but now that doesn't matter. and if something is supposed to happen somewhere down that tunnel, i'll just see it when i get there.

why should i allow people to be around me if they are just going to be a--holes.

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