Friday, January 28, 2011


.today marks 100 days until i graduate from Hampton University. can i say henny, patron, and ciroc on deckkkk! lol it's definitely that kind of celebration. i mean i know that it's been real since i started this year, but having an actual countdown makes it so much more real. it's actually pretty scary. we are having a huge party in the student center tomorrow from 12-2 and the whole senior class is pretty much going to be drunk. lol it's going to be like freshman year i imagine. i'm lowkey geeked up for tomorrow and it's laughs, pictures, and knowing me since i'm such a sap, tears. :D let's goooo Onyx 8, class of 2011!! it's officially the beginning of the end!

oohhh and i go to france in 101 days lol

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