Sunday, January 16, 2011

.make up to break up.

`that's all we do?

for real? is that what relationships are? and do you truly make up from a bad break up? there's so many songs that talk about this but i never really understood it. yes i've been in the "i'm done, i'm never talking to you" stage before and months, even years, went by before i spoke to them, but making up wasn't for us. i have been in the drawn out long, but very short term, break up/make up thing, but when does it truly end. i've heard so many people talk about this so it's not a far fetched idea. i just don't get it. you go days, weeks, and months without speaking to someone and during that absence, you realize that you can't live without them?


i think you should try to live without them. life is one big bumpy ride. if it's meant to be it will be right? even if there are days, months and even years separating you?

i don't know. i have no luck in the love department. just logical thinking on matters that i never logically think about when i'm in that position. isn't that what love is anyway?


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