Monday, January 10, 2011

.this is the last time.

.today begins my last semester at Hampton University. i can't really believe it. i mean it's just the beginning, but i'm already tired of school. walking into my first building, i couldn't believe that i was back in Hampton. that break already came and went and everything i did, felt and saw is now a memory. but thankfully, this is the last time i have to do this. school is fun, but i'm ready for the next chapter.

`but this wouldn't be Hampton University, if i didn't have the run-around. i'm trying to get an override into this class where the teacher is being way too dramatic about the procedures to do so. i have to get documentation that says that i'm a graduating senior, because undergrads are just DYING to get in this course -_-, then i have to go to the registrar and blah blah blah. i mean i was expecting it but i'm not really in the mood for all of this.

all in all, thanks for the welcome back Hampton.

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