Friday, January 7, 2011

.i love you.

`oh is that so? because you loved your last girlfriend, and the girl before that, and that girl before that.

.i'll use this one particular female for example. there is a girl who goes to my school, who when i met her freshman year, was in a "serious" relationship and was soo in love. she then met someone else at school, and fell madly in love. even met his parents and he met hers. now one year later after he graduates, she's meeting new parents and is in love with someone else. i know that's a bit drastic example, but it's real. and i know plenty of people who love and get in relationships so easily and loosely.

and i wonder why? how can you do that?

i've loved one guy so far in my whole life. i'm happy to say that. i don't want to give my love out to any and every guy that likes me. how is that real love? and what's so scary is that how could you "love" all these people. loving is a deep feeling and a deep connection. i may not be in love with that guy my whole life, but i will have love for him. i will care about him in ways that i won't care about those guys who i don't care about. yet there are people out there who are connected and care for so many people. where does the tie end? i guess it's ok to be in multiple relationships, (i don't agree.) but is it ok to love everyone?

stop lessening the feeling behind that word. keep the L Bombs for when they really need to be dropped.

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the sweetest girl. said...

i think these people confuse 'loving' with 'being in love'.