Wednesday, February 16, 2011

.ima tell you ONE TIME.

.so last night i saw Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' and just as i expected, the movie was AWESOME! i love to see people acheive their dreams especailly when it's well deserved. this kid has an amazing talent, but also an amazing heart! i couldn't imagine being his childhood friend, teacher, grandparents or even his mother! that is someone's child, friend, grandchild that is out there doing what they always dreamed of. this kid had such heart! and he's such a sweet person lol (i know i sound like i'm 13) but you got to see a glimpse of his personality. being the SAP that i am, i definitely shed tears throughout the movie anddddd thanks to my little sister Sahara, i knew 99.8% of the songs.

i want to take my little sister to a concert. that's all i kept thinking about. she would love to meet him and see him in concert. i want to make that happen for her. it's such a good feeling movie. i can't wait to get it on dvd.


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