Sunday, February 13, 2011


.dude lately all i've been seeing is signs. i will literally say, oh i haven't heard from this person, and BOOM! they call me, or how i randomly saw this book in Barnes and Noble, from a distance, didn't even pick it up, just read the title and today in the library i came across it in a pile. it's like i mention things or think them and they show face almost immeadiately. it's so freaky. the other day i was getting ready and back to back all these songs that almost always make me think of someone, came on. i try not to pay attention to these little "coincidences" but they are so constant that it's beginning to get out of hand. what does it all mean? should i really be looking into it that much?

for sure i keep being reminded of this one person. everything screams his name. i've even heard RANDOMLY what i nicknamed him from two people in the same weekend. i read about it on my horoscope, i hear songs, see his birthday, hear his name. it's way too much. how can i escape the person if everything about them is always in my face? i don't know what that means, but i know i'm not going to focus on that. -no matter how hard it gets.

ahhh what is the universe trying to say? i haven't yet figured it out. everything that i think, see, or talk about, comes to play...

i have to be careful what i talk about.

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