Wednesday, February 23, 2011

.time heals all.

`does it really? I get and understand that with time, you will get over something, especially if you don't have to face whatever it is that you are trying to get over, but if you are faced with it again, you may not be healed.(distance heals all) no matter how much time has passed. i'm not saying that it's not possible. it probably works that way 99.9% the time, but there are always that .1% that i always think about. maybe that's just me. a silly flaw. i'm just so hopeful. i always leave a little crack for that .1%. i think about how maybe just maybe no matter how many years may have passed, you won't be healed and when you're faced with that issue again, it will be as if the pain was never there. that doesn't mean that you have to act on your feelings, but that doesn't mean that you will ever get over that situation.

`it's been 60 days. i can't really believe it. i NEVER thought i'd see these days. or this time rather. but here i am, sitting in it, living it. right now it's gotten so much easier. but i think that this is a place that i'll stay in for a while.

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