Sunday, February 27, 2011

.another one bites the dust.

.i may be reacting a bit dramatically, and granted this isn't something that i do with EVERYONE. i recently told my best friend that if she didn't contact me back, that she was going to get deleted. she felt some kind of way about it. even wrote about it on her face book status. i can't really sit here and see why she would be oh so upset. our friendship has changed. her friendships with everyone has changed really, and i barely hear from her. whenever i make plans with her, it doesn't work, and our conversations consist of all but 3 minutes. and this is my best friend? i haven't talked to her about anything serious in so long and i feel like i can't. it just feels different. this wouldn't have been the first time that ignored, or "forgot" to get back to me so i was just going to delete her number. only talk to her when she contacts me. i'm used to not having her there as my best friend..or a friend. she got upset and now she's being a bit salty over it.

if she did the same to me, i don't think i'd be that upset. i'd be like ok trillz. lol yea it's not funny but looking at the actual friendship, saying that or doing that doesn't really add or take away from anything. we still aren't going to talk to eachother. it's still going to be weird.

i guess her reactions indicates she's hurt by it. this isn't the first time that i've gotten an upset reaction by doing this exact thing. i see it as, look at our friendship. do i have valid reasons to do so? besides if you really knew me, you'd know that i'm not really serious about deleting you if you reach out to see why i'm hurting. but if you don't do that, then the deletion has occurred and i'm used to you not being there.

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