Monday, February 28, 2011

.then your fat friend, her nickname is minivan.

.so last year i lost some weight. cool. i felt and looked great. it was awesome. however, maybe because my pstones aren't here yet, but i've been OBSESSING over losing 10 pounds. i work out and sweat profusely 4-5 times a week yet i barely budge on the scale. if anything, i go in towards the opposite direction. it's so stressful and a bit depressing. no i'm not as i was (my heaviest) BUT i'm not happy.


it's consumed my thoughts and my mind. i don't even like to eat much anymore because i'm afraid of gaining the weight i lost earlier in the gym. it's all i talk about. it's everything to me.

i think that's because i have nothing or no one that my attention has been diverted towards. i don't know.

`but i do know that this Kanye West Pandora station is HITTING.

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