Tuesday, March 1, 2011

.daily horoscope.

.so just as i recently blogged about letting go some friendships, look at what my horoscope says:

"let go of a grudge, Sagittarius. There is someone in your life who is quite important to you, whether you openly acknowledge it or not. This individual may be an old friend or a relative, and has known you through the ups and downs. It would be a shame to let a misunderstanding or a lapse in good judgment to drive the two of you apart. Be compassionate and empathetic too, because you can't really know what this individual is going through. There is more to a situation than meets the eye. It's best to offer the benefit of the doubt."

i'm not really one to believe in horoscopes, but i get them sent to my phone. it's just another email i check but everysince Christmas, they've been ODDLY accurate or on point. i don't know. maybe it's one of those signs that i've been getting lately.

what do you think?

`also i don't know that i want to forgive my friend. they hurt me. i feel like my horoscope always wants ME to reach out when i was hurt. i want them to feel bad and realize their actions. but the way it's looking, it doesn't seem that they will ever do that.

3 months.

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