Monday, March 14, 2011

.dropping 10 pounds preparing for summer.

so as the title says, i'm dropping 10 pounds preparing for summer. mainly France. oh man i can't wait to go to France. each day, i'm closer and closer. it's going to be the best two weeks of my life. just to be out there. i haven't been on vacation in 2 years so this is definitely going to be somewhat of one despite the fact that i'll be working. i find out next month which company i'll be interning with. it doesn't even matter to me really. just to be at the Cannes Film Festival is amazing. so as preparation, i'm losing 10 pounds. i'll be less than what i was last summer and i'm sure i'll hear everyone's complaints just as i did last summer but that's just to give me space to enjoy myself in France and then come back normal. i'm not going to go there and eat 10 pounds of food. but i'm going to enjoy myself and not be weight obsessed like i am now.

senior ball is april 9th. it's like the senior prom. i got my dress already. :) no date though. but i guess i have time to figure that out? i have a couple of people in mind. hmmm i don't know. maybe i'll just go alone. nothing wrong with that. i'm used to doing me alone right now. :) in the most non depressing way. i promise.

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