Monday, April 4, 2011

.venus vs. mars.

.so i have some opinions about females and males. they are as follows

i think that there is nothing worse than a bitter MAN. it is expected for women to be in their feelings, to be emotional beings, to overreact then apologize for their dramatic responses to certain situations and circumstances. we know how to deal and live with self inflicted pain, sadness, depression, and tears. we know all about getting hurt. we prepare for it. however men, the ones who are can so easily detach and attach themselves to different women, the ones who are taught not to be so emotional but to simply "man up", LOSE THEIR MINDS when everything that they know makes an unexpected turn. they say and do spiteful things that will continue on until the end of time. they aren't quick to apologize and be forgiving because they are scorned. you hit them where it hurt the most. the ball is no longer in their court, and they are mad. they block you on facebook, they don't want anything to do with you, it was easy to let you go, and they are used to you being gone. they don't miss you, they don't regret, they are bitter.

i also think that women are far better cheaters in relationships. men just get caught the most. women plan effectively. we know what to say and who to say it to. we know exactly how to say it and when to end it. men never end their affairs. that's why they get caught. they get someone emotionally attached and they find it hard to hurt both of the women involved. women cheat and leave it alone until they want to cheat again. women do it right under the man's nose. it's crazy. i've seen quite a few of my female friends cheat on their guys. i feel so bad for the guys but then i think about how his friends would never ever give me a warning. yea two wrongs to make it right, so i guess i understand the whole being loyal to your friend thing. man i wish people still used their honesty box.

`those are just some things that i was thinking about. i'm sure i'll touch this topic again sometime soon.

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