Friday, April 1, 2011

.springfest 2011.

.this week was my last springfest attending Hampton University. I didn't go to the two parties at the beginning of the week but I did go to the comedy show on Wednesday night and last night's concert. The comedy show was funny! The male comedians were way more entertaining than the female comedians. The headliner was Tony Rock. (Chris Rock's brother) He did a good job but he was talking to the audience a lot towards the end just dragging a bit. All in all, I was cracking up. :D Lastnight's concert was soo good. Well I came late because we had a lot of openers that I didn't know anything about. The headliner was Soulja Boy. LOL yes I said Soulja Boy. I was too hyped about the show! The main reason was because when I entered college Freshman Year, Soulja Boy had just came out and as you know, he is definitely a party starter. I came home freshman year singing and dancing to all of the Soulja Boy hits. LOL it's quite hilarious when I look back on it. It's ratchett too, but I attend an HBCU in Virginia. There is pretty much nothing less to offer except ratchettness at one point or the other. I was in the front and he had preformed some song but was also getting footage for a music video. This girl comes out of nowhere and is OD thirst and is screaming, grabbing, and reaching RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I'm hoping that I'm not on camera and I'm hoping that if I am, the footage doesn't go on LOL HOW HILARIOUS WOULD THAT BE? I was definitely getting down though. It felt great to enter college with Soulja Boy and to leave college with him. P.S. Soulja Boy is a CUTIE!

`my roommate and I were looking pretty good last night and got invited to a "pool party" by these Hollister Models. haha i'll keep the rest of the story to myself.

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