Tuesday, March 29, 2011

.and i was satisfied with being in love with the lie.

.so a friend of mine recently reached out to me because she had this gut feeling about the guy that she was dating. she felt like the situation with him and his ex weren't as done as he claimed. she saw pictures of them two that he had and it bothered her. i told her to just ask him, for i had been in a similar situation. he told her that they were over with but she still didn't quite shake the feeling. so she asked a mutual friend that her and his ex had, if she could show her the ex's facebook page. and lo and be hold he was commenting on how much he loved her pictures, wrote on her wall, even his friends were writing on her wall. basically he was doing all the things to confirm that they were something more. when i was with her and i saw that, i didn't really know what to say to her. she was hurt because he never complimented or commented her pictures, hardly wrote on her wall, but always contacted her through various chats. that means a lot to someone. she couldn't understand why he could do that for his ex still, and never do that for her. she felt hidden. she felt lied to. she felt terrible. she found out that she was the side chick. she asked me if i thought that she should contact the girl or even contact the guy about it. you know, break the bad news to the ex and tell the guy he's a jerk. ask him why? but i told her to just leave it alone. that's just painful drama that she doesn't want.

it was so crazy. i always wanted to do the exact same thing. i was in the very same position. he probably did the same thing to me as this guy did to my friend. i never saw her page though. my friend cried.

i sat there numb.

"And I know that you are somehwere doing your thing
And when the phone called it just ring and ring
You aint pick up but your phone accidently called me back
And I heard the whole thing.
I heard the whole thing, the whole thing, the whole thing…"

`sound familiar?

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