Sunday, May 22, 2011

.Last night in France.

It's all so bittersweet. I've been waiting for this opportunity since Thanksgiving and here I am on my last night. The whole experience was one of a kind and anazi g. The past couple of nights and days I've seen and heard and smelled the craziest things from the French people here. I've met not only interesting people from Cannes but awesome people in the program that I'd love to keep in contact with. It really hasn't hit most of us that today will be the last time we will probably ever see eachother. :-) it's not a sad goodbye though. It feels like it's been one long week and everyone is ready for the next thing. I can't believe I traveled to Europe. This is something I've always wanted to do so very badly and now I can say I've done it. I didn't make it to Paris but that's ok, I will definitely be back within the next 5 years. :-D I'm so happy right now and this feeling means so much to me considering for most of the year,well since Christmas, I've been in a depressing funk. This vacation, trip, experience changed all of that for me.

Now to begin my big summer being 21, a college grad, and free from dead weight and people from my past. Now I'm on a journey of finding a job both in and outside of my intended career. Let the fun begin. Hello summer 2011.

Auvoir France!

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Shakiera said...

aww, interesting. I want to go to Europe so badly. Especially Paris. I declare that I will make it my mission to go within the next 5 years also (lol) started a blog so you can check it out and follow if you would like :)