Sunday, June 26, 2011

.run for your life.


i've been letting my emotions get the best of me lately rather than realizing that it's not that serious and to just accept what i have no control over. i spoke to my dad and of course, as always, he put things into prospective for me. i need to stay out of my feelings and focus on what's really important. turn the feelings off and just live life for every day.

i start my summer job tomorrow. hopefully that will keep my focused on other things than my boring adventure-less summer. i don't know i guess i'd just like to take it back. holding on to something that no longer exists. but it's ok. it will only get better from here.

i've given up on it, on the idea and on the feeling.

`feels great to breathe again. this past month i feel like i've been holding my breath.

OH i did go to the NBA Draft. that was fun.

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