Friday, July 1, 2011

.it's the little things.

.i want to go out on a date to the park for a picnic. i want to make my own lunch and sit out there and just enjoy the outdoors. New Jersey has a lot of beauty to it that I never really realize or take advantage of.

.yesterday a friend and myself went on a hike at the Watchung Reservation. it was so nice. just observing nature while walking and talking. it wasn't my idea to go at all lol. i'm not really the outdoorsy type especially with hiking and camping, but i'm glad that i agreed to go. it was something different, and free yet beautiful and enjoyable. i'm super glad that my "Off" spray worked because i got no bug bites. after we went to play mini golf at this new place on rt. 22. he wasn't the best at it, but it was really fun.

`it's been such a long time where I truly enjoyed myself. let go of any inhibitions and just appreciated to moments that i was in. getting to enjoy the park and have good, funny convo while doing it was amazing. i think everyone should take the time out and do something like this. it's free for those with monetary issues.

i also enjoy hanging out with this friend. :)

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