Thursday, July 7, 2011


.man oh man, i can't stand a person who holds a grudge. it's one thing to never forget. but once you decide to forgive, it's no longer in that other person's hand. the situation and problem that you have is with yourself. i don't want to hear that i'm forgiven or that a situation is solved and then have it thrown back in my face. that's absurd and a waste of my time. i don't deal with people that constantly talk about the same thing. i can't change anything and it's been months, even years later.

the other night i got into a little discussion with someone about one thing and it ended up being a huge argument over something that was said to be forgiven and not forgotten, but let go. it's a constant thing with this person. every month or so i'm hearing about feelings that have been held onto for years. most of the feelings stem from things they have no full knowledge about and that makes me even more mad. why are you feeling so strongly about something that you don't know about and doesn't involve you. irkksss me to the point of not wanting to speak to you.

how do you deal with people who won't ever let anything go? they aren't happy at all. they just can't be.

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