Friday, July 8, 2011

.i always fall for your type.

Lately, I've been noticing and hearing a lot of people talk about their preference. Light skin, Dark skin, Brown skin, Hispanic, European, Black, Indian, Native American etc. It's really been standing out to me lately. I mean yes I'd be the first to say based off of previous experience, that looks definitely plays a strong part in any budding relationship, but what's wrong with stepping outside of the box? or even if you don't do that, then recognizing the beauty in other races, faces, and tones? I know people who constantly praise these preferences and physicalities and I think it's kind of annoying and even discouraging. What if someone, who is attractive but doesn't look that type that you constantly brag about, hears that and feels like they have no chance? I know to the average person this is probably minuscule and stupid, but maybe that's just the nice person in me, where I like to give everyone a chance. I don't want to hurt any potentials feelings because I'm constantly saying that I like a certain type.

I have a friend whose boyfriend constantly publicizes his admiration for women who look nothing like her. He raves and rants about these women which causes her to feel some kind of way. I feel where she's coming from because they've reached the point where compliments are pretty nonexistent so she's feeling a bit upset and less attractive to him, since all his attention, compliments, raves and rants, go to women who are almost her exact opposite.

`I personally don't have a preference. I'm more a "type" girl. I will date guys from any nation. With me it's more about the personality. Yes, looks are important too, but the personality is what really draws me in. After evaluating my past couple of dates that I've been on these past few weeks, I've realized that no matter how they look, they all act the same. That sarcasm, good time, uncertainty and sass is what really gets me. Most of the people that I've gone on consecutive dates with possess those qualities. I like having a "type" over preference. I feel like I'm not leaving anyone out and I'm able to explore more possibilities and have more experiences with people rather than live life like a cartoon, with the same outfit everyday.

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Stiletto Minded said...

I agree with you. I never had a 'type' I just find that if i'm attracted to you it may be because of s nice smile or his eyes but race or skin color never phased me. As for your friend, I kinda feel sad for her, I know it would rip me apart to know my S.O was attracted to women who look nothing like me.....

great post!