Monday, November 7, 2011


Last night, I went to the "Watch The Throne" concert and it was every bit of amazing. It was just what I needed! I wasn't let down about a thing! There's only one thing I would have changed and that would have been that they performed my favorite song "Murder to Excellence" but that didn't take anything away from the show. If you've been reading throughout the year, you should know that I LOVE KANYE WEST. It's not that "ooo I want to do Kanye" love but more like whenever I'm feeling some kind of way about anything, I can find a song that relates. This man is just great. His lyrics, beats, ideas -musically are great. He's got it and then his arrogance shows that he knows it but that's neither here or there. ANYWAYS!!! The show was sooooo good! So good! It seems like this was the one show THAT EVERYONE WENT TO! All over my twitter timeline people are talking about going or talking about how good the show was. The songs that they performed separately were good. It was just amazing.

I wouldn't change anything about yesterday. Who I went with, what I wore, what I did, what I drank, and what I did after. It was a great Sunday....just like last week and the week before that...and the week before that.

Sunday has been my favorite day for over a year now :)

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