Tuesday, November 8, 2011

.take care.

So just about everyone and their mother has found the leaked album. I will admit, I'm feeling it but I'm not at all surprised. Drake's content will never change. He's an emotional guy who loves his friends so much and is still getting used to fame. 1 popular mixtape and 2 albums later, this man is still not used to his lifestyle and has had so many girls break his heart now and prior to the fame he's not used to -though he was a popular character on a popular kids/teen show, but hey, I guess some of us need more time than others? lol Nevertheless, I do enjoy his unique way of making his last album sound brand new.

-this is such a great time for music! I've downloaded at least 4 new albums/mixtapes in the past week! It's tough keeping up with them all.

`I digress.

There is this one song that everyone is going to relate to if they haven't tweeted about it yet and that's "Doing it Wrong." When I listened to it, I felt guilty lol. I honestly felt like those words were meant for me. That's something that's afraid to be said. Made me feel crazy. It's just an all too familiar feeling.

"We live in a generation of NOT being in love and NOT being together. But we sure make it feel like we're together. Because we're scared to see each other with someone else."
- It would be as if I was beating a dead horse if I analyzed and blogged about this quote alone. Story of everyone's life so it seems. I guess it's timing and fear all in one that sums up our reasoning for behaving that way. *sigh* I wonder why and try to explain these things but I can't. He really hit the nail on the head with that one.

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