Tuesday, November 8, 2011


When is the last time you've complimented someone?

I like it when the guy that I like compliments me. No don't over do it, but just remind me of what makes me special to you. I'm not saying that I'm not confident, or that I'm looking for compliments, but it's definitely needed sometimes. To know that you are sexy or attractive to that person, to know that they believe in you, or that they admire not only your beauty, but your ambition, dedication, that they see that you're smart and focused and they love it. Sometimes it feels good to know that the person you care about, is really paying attention to you. Seems like once we move past the beginning text all day and night stage, the compliments die out. Well at least that's happened to me. In my previous experiences, I think this one guy probably told me 3 times that I was attractive and the other times he mentioned it, it was because he wanted something. There was this one guy who used to tell me things like that and I really enjoyed it. It was weird because I viewed him as just a friend but he would remind me of the little things. He really paid attention to me despite the weird ways and subliminals that I tend to let out.

All in all, if you got a good thing, remind them every now and then. It goes for women and men. I always let him know that I'm proud of him, that I admire him and look up to him, that he's handsome and smart and that I have faith in him. I can't say that he's done the same for me...yeah moving on lol. You don't have to just save the compliments for the person you are crushing on either. You could easily be that person for a friend of yours.

Make someone's day!

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