Monday, February 27, 2012

.I am so blessed.

I got a job in my field. I'm so happy. I've been so hard on myself, depressed, and down these months since I moved back to Jersey. I honestly felt like nothing was going to happen for me. I had major downfalls, disappointments and rejects in both my personal and professional life. It was completely tough for me. I cried all the time. However, I always remained prayerful and thankful and honestly, things really happen on God's time. He is so good and I'm so thankful for my blessing.

This is just the beginning! I've been praying for and imagining this moment happening for me for a while and here it is. All I can think is "Is this real life?", "Did I make it?" When I first got the news, I cried for two days. I wanted this so bad that it hurt. It's all I think about. And here it is.

God is so good.

Now all I need to do is celebrate!!

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